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  • Music, Literature and Philosophers

    Many world famous musicians and writers were born in Germany, e.g. Bach, Hermann Hesse, or Goethe and Schiller. If you want to travel together with your choir we can arrange for you to encounter other choirs and perform together.

    • In the footsteps of Goethe and Schiller (DE-H-60)

      In the footsteps of Germany's most famous writers...

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    • In the footsteps of Bach (DE-H-50)

      The Bach tour follows in the footsteps of life and belief of the great musician from Eisenach to Leipzig and many other stages of his life. Numerous musical performances at original venues bring us close to the immortal music of Bach.

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    • In the footsteps of Mozart in 3 countries (DE-H-51)

      Follow in the steps of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. The tour offers a unique experience by combining European history and modern life, capitals and the remote sanctuary of Konigsee at Berchtesgaden.

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    • In the footsteps of Hermann Hesse (DE-H-61)

      The thoughts and poems, stories and letters of Hermann Hesse are more than belles-lettres. Personal crises and high times reflect in his work, as do Hesse's stance on politics, ethics and religion.

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