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  • Religion and Reformation

    Learn more about the German cities which Martin Luther has affected and of which many have devoted themselves and their cultural and historical heritage to remember the Reformation.

    • In the footsteps of Martin Luther - 13 days (DE-H-00)

      This journey under the guiding theme Martin Luther combines visitations of meaningful citites of the reformation and world-wide known German cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt. 

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    • In the footsteps of Luther, Bach & Silbermann - 12 days (DE-H-02)

      Three historical German notability in one journey

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    • In the footsteps of Martin Luther in Germany and Italy - 11 days (DE-H-94)

      Follow Martin Luther's path through Germany and Rome - an excellent possibility to get to know meaningful German cities and also places Luthers visited during his pilgrimage to Rome. 

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